All men must die.
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maisie williams for assitant magazine

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Everything’s changed. You come back after all this time with no apologies and one hand and expect everything to be the same.

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This dragon queen who wears her name is a true Targaryen. 
game of thrones meme → one queen/king [1/1]  

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"Anha Khaleesi. Anha assok yera sekosshi."

- I am Khaleesi. I do command you.

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Gif meme » anonymous asked: Got ladies + 12 (tickles my pickle)

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fetch-me-a-block asked Tyrell siblings or Sand Snakes?

'…chasing after something she can never catch'  (Obara)
'…no less deadly, though she kept her knives well hidden' (Lady Nym)
…so sweet and gentle that no man will suspect her.’  (Tyene)
'…leave her to her… game'  (Sarella)
'…Ellaria and her daughters are happily ensconced at the Water Gardens. Dorea stalks about knocking oranges off the trees with her morningstar, and Elia and Obella have become the terror of the pools.' (The little ones)

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10 EPISODES - 10/10: Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 8 The Pointy End

Ah, the children. It’s always the innocents who suffer. It wasn’t the wine that killed Robert, nor the boar. The wine slowed him down and the boar ripped him open, but it was your mercy that killed the king.

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, 1x08

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Oberyn Martell meme: (3/4) four relationships → Oberyn & Elia
I am Oberyn Martell, a prince of Dorne,” he said, as the Mountain turned to keep him in sight. “Princess Elia was my sister.”  (…) “Elia Martell, Princess of Dorne,” the Red Viper hissed. “You raped her. You murdered her. You killed her children.” 
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